Collection: BORN TO KILL

About the "BORN TO KILL" collection

The collection is about creative young men who were forcibly drafted into active warfare.
Knowing that the chances of survival are slim, before leaving, the young people make their own costumes using clothes, materials and equipment found at home to give the clothes a part of their identity and views on the war, including provocative texts and images related to war crimes and its inappropriateness in today's world.
The models in the fashion show represent the young soldiers returning home from the war.

The inspiration for this collection is all around - on television, radio, social networks, etc. consider- ing how topical the topic of war is currently all over the world. With each new development in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, national governments are preparing for the unknown, for example by de- ciding on compulsory service for young people. For many of them, it is not binding and not accept- able, but the choice is not given.

In the middle of the creation of the collection, the war movie "Full Metal Jacket" was seen, which confirmed the relevance of the collection and inspired the collection's name: "BORN TO KILL", as well as other designs.
For inspiration, several military links were viewed, where you can follow current events and see various types of disturbing videos that make you understand how much damage war causes on the planet.

To create the collection, 95% of the clothes were bought in second-hand clothing stores, giving them a second chance.
The collection includes several outfits that consist of combining several garments to form several layers, thus strengthening the overall construction of the garment and making it more sustainable.